Big Brother Vip, Nicola Pisu against Miriana Trevisan: “You deserve those who treat you badly”

During the 17th episode, the Neapolitan showgirl closes the date with her son of art, who does not take it well

“Go to those who treat you badly, that’s what you deserve.” After declaring love to her until a few days ago, in the 17th episode of the “Big Brother Vip” Nicola Pisu lashes out hard against Miriana Trevisan, making a serious slip. Apologize, even aloud, and be ashamed, ”Alfonso Signorini told him, expressing the discontent of the entire studio.

The farewell between Miriana Trevisan and Nicola Pisu
At the origin of the about-face, the decision of the Neapolitan showgirl to interrupt their relationship, already unbalanced at the start. In fact, he said he was in love, while she, also held back by the situation at home, admitted the physical attraction but not the mental one. explained Trevisan about his decision, angering Pisu. “You told me something else, that we could have known each other outside, and not as friends” pointed out the son of art, then deciding to name Mike Bongiorno’s former valley (and vice versa).

The romantic meeting between Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso
If a couple “breaks out”, there is another one that reunites: the one formed by Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso, who, in order to hug their partner, took a week quarantine. “You are a wonderful mother and an exceptional woman. We have gone through many difficulties together, but we are moving forward »says the former footballer to the former Miss Italy. “” I believe in divine providence, you are the person of my life. Everyone has a soul mate in the world and I believe I have found her. I will always be by your side. “

The new nominations
For the rest, the episode sees the new episode of the soap opera between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge, the letter from Manuel Bortuzzo’s mother with a direct attack on Lucrezia “Lulù” Selassié (“Those who love you must leave you free to always decide ”), Giucas Casella’s striptease and the new nominations. Gianmaria Antinolfi, Nicola Pisu and Miriana Trevisan at risk.


Four years after the friendly drama The Upside VOYAGERS

Four years after the friendly drama The Upside, Neil Burger returns to the director’s chair in the sci-fi thriller Voyagers which is filled with rising young actors such as Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One, X-men: Dark of the Phoenix), Fion Whitehead (Dunkirik) and actor Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily Rose-Depp. Prior to Voyagers, Neil Burger had experience directing young adult-themed films through Divergent, which received a positive response, which could not be followed by two sequels where Neil Burger was no longer sitting in the director’s chair.

Voyagers tells the story of where the earth is already in its dying days. Humans need a new place to continue life. Then scientists raise children who come from the IVF process so that these children become premium seeds who will later become the first human race to go to a new planet. They are expected to grow up with high intelligence and obedience. On the basis of the attachment that takes care of the high-yielding babies until they become teenagers, Richard Alling (Collin Farrell), one of the chief researchers, offers himself to be a volunteer and becomes the only adult who will supervise these teenagers in carrying out their mission in the journey that will take them time of 86 years.

All crew members will be required to drink a blue medicinal liquid they call The Blue which suppresses a person’s human desires. Starting from fear, sexual desire and all kinds of human instinctive desires in general. But that only happens temporarily when Zac (Fionn Whitehead) and Christopher (Tye Sheridan) try not to drink the liquid anymore. They felt desires they had not felt before which the rest of the crew followed. Conflict after conflict began to occur because it was controlled by desire to the point of taking its toll. The crew is divided because it is divided into two camps while the journey to the new planet is far from over. Can the crew who are the hope of continuing the human race arrive safely at their destination?

Voyagers which lasted 108 minutes was quite slow at first. But after entering the second act when Zac and Chrsitopher didn’t drink The Blue, the film’s narrative began to run differently. With a very typical concept of films with an outer space setting “In space no one can hear you”, which instead of threatening things in a physical form, Voyagers raises threats or conflicts one by one that comes from the desire itself. Something I quite enjoy. Neil Burger, who also wrote the script for this film, wanted to show how the instinctive side of humans basically wants to dominate and destroy.

With a theme that is again not new, Voyagers is still an interesting film amidst some disturbing cliché scenes and a safe ending. but the process towards the ending with the thriller is enough to keep us going until the end.

14 months away from the initial schedule of A Quiet Place Part 2

Airing which was postponed due to the pandemic. Finally, this sequel has a screening period in theaters starting on May 26, 2021 in Indonesian cinemas. A long-awaited return film directed by John Kransinski who also starred in the first film. For this second film, Krasinski only appears in the opening scene, where the main male character moves to actor Cillian Murphy who plays a new character.

A Quiet Place Part 2 continues right from the ending of the first film. After the death of her husband, Evelyn Abbot (Emily Blunt) and their three children decide to move and find a new, safer place. On the way dangerous things can not be avoided when they have to deal with the monster who has sharp hearing. When the situation is desperate they are saved by Emmet (Cillian Murphy), an old friend of Emily and her late husband who has been alone for a long time and feels hopeless in moving on with life.

The situation becomes even more complicated when Emily’s deaf daughter Regan Abbott (Millicent Simmonds) leaves without saying goodbye to seek a safe haven from monsters on the basis of clues from a song broadcast via radio frequency. Begging Emily to help Emmet find her daughter and bring her back. And the story develops into two parts between Regan and Emmet and Emily with her son and baby. That’s roughly the summary of the plot of the story in A Quiet Place Part 2.

There is a strong reason why the studio is willing to release this film at cinema venues when they are back to normal. That is the practice of watching it. Yes, as with the first film, A Quiet Place Part 2 again provides a cinematic experience of watching a film through the cinema screen. Something that will be very different from the experience if we watch this film for the first time on the screen or TV media, laptop or cellphone. Enjoy moments of silence but adrenaline pumping the audience. Experience from the first film that you will get back in this sequel.

As for the plot of the story, the second part of this film can be said to have not developed too far. The story still focuses on the characters to survive. Things that already exist in the first film. If you are still looking for answers to the questions where these monsters come from, what is their purpose on earth, you still don’t get it in this sequel. With an ending that is still very open, it looks like it will be explored in the third part later.

Overall, A Quiet Place Part 2 still provides tension and adrenaline for the audience. And it worked, we haven’t been bored to part with experiencing the quiet moments full of suspense. However, the development of the story plot, which is not too far from the first film, actually raises many more unanswered questions. It seems that all the information was withheld for the third film later.

Shang Chi and the Legends of Ten Rings (2021) Movie Review: Strengthened by Tony Leung!

Unlike Black Widow (2021) , Marvel released the film Shang Chi and the Legends of Ten Rings (2021) in theaters before bringing it to the Disney+ service. This film that raises Chinese culture is predicted to be one of the best Marvel films from various aspects after Black Panther (2018) .

This film tells the story of Shang Chi (Simu Liu), a valet parking attendant who is the son of Wenwu (Tony Leung), the leader of a large terrorist group called the Ten Rings. He has a friend named Katy (Awkwafina) who also works as a parking attendant.

Shang Chi and his sister Xialing (Meng’er Zhang) who ran away from home are hunted by Wenwu and the Ten Rings group. Wenwu received a whisper that he could revive his late wife trapped in a mystical city called Ta Lo.

Part of cultural representation
Shang Chi became a cultural representation that was rarely seen in previous Marvel films. Where the first 10 minutes are delivered in Chinese. Although this does not necessarily make Shang Chi forget the delivery of the story and his identity as part of the Marvel universe.

The plot of the film flows quietly but thunderously at the end. Dynamic with a mix of action, drama, flashback, and ends with the long-awaited third act: the battle between Shang Chi and Wenwu plus various CGI-filled action sequences.

The captivating action choreography is the work of the late Brad Allan, one of the stunt coordinators who was part of the Jackie Chan stunt team. So it’s not surprising that many comical action styles can be found in this film, including the fight scene on the bus at the beginning of the story.

But Shang Chi is not without flaws. Given the formula offered is not much different from the superhero story in general. Including some CGI details that don’t feel perfect, such as the city of Ta Lo which looks fake like a royal series in China.

But what makes Shang Chi different is, of course, how Marvel presents an alternative story that represents Asia, especially China, complete with mythology that is in line with the Marvel universe. Supported by a row of actors who unite the whole story.

Marvel’s phenomenal villain
Wenwu, played by Tony Leung, is one of Marvel’s most complex and dynamic antagonists. Narrative-wise, Wenwu has a complexity that can only possibly be compared to Killmonger from Black Panther .

He is a leader who has lived for thousands of years thanks to his Ten Rings. Amass power, wealth, and troops to become one of the most feared terrorist groups in the Marvel universe.

The depth of Wenwu’s narrative can be seen from the dynamics of his life; changed when he met Xiang Li through a battle with two different styles. And of course the slow pace of the fight, bringing a romantic impression that was not found from the Shang Chi and Katy couple.

Xiang Li’s death immediately changes his life drastically, showing how Leung represents a significant change to be darker than a tragic romantic hero . Wenwu’s focus on emotional transformation lasts until the very end, making him one of Marvel’s most sympathetic and engaging villains.

The appearance of Tony is the main attraction in this film. On the one hand, hard and scary, Tony can also limp and show Wenwu’s vulnerability after Xiang Li’s death. Bringing the charisma and serenity of Wenwu’s character, blends into the journey of the villain who has lived for thousands of years.

The big thing is coming
In addition to introducing Marvel’s newest superhero, Legends of the Ten Rings also prepares for an even bigger mystery; that is the origin of the Ten Rings worn by Wenwu. Wong himself mentioned that the ten bracelets have a history of more than thousands of years.

Unlike the comic version, Ten Rings is not a bracelet. In the original source, the Ten Rings are 10 rings where each ring has a different power, such as manipulating air, solid material, black matter, ice, to electromagnetic energy.

Most likely this mystery will be clarified in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (2022) or the film Eternals which is planned to hit theaters on November 5. Where this film is more in introducing Celestial and Deviant, opening the direction of the next Marvel Phase 4.

With the espionage narrative that is being developed by Marvel through the group prepared by Valentina in the final episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) and Black Widow (2021) , it indicates that the Ten Rings will have more roles in Marvel’s future iterations.

The film Shang Chi and the Legends of Ten Rings brings a new era of Marvel. It still shows the weakness of the same story formula, but Destin Cretton as a director is able to mix Shang Chi as a cultural representation, as Ryan Coogler did when he finished Black Panther .

[Anime Review] Bakemono no Ko

This time, I will review one that has been released for a long time but until now it is still much in demand by many people, the title is Bakemono no Ko. Bakemono no Ko is an anime with a Movie type, meaning that it only has one episode. This movie has a really good story with a very thick fantasy action genre. As expected, this anime by Studio Shizu is really cool. Title : Bakemono no Ko Release Date : July 11, 2015 Episode : 1 Duration : 1 Hour 58 Minutes Genre : Adventure, Supernatural Source : Original Studio : Studio Chizu Synopsis

A city where humans live peacefully and it turns out that behind all that, life on the other side occupied by monsters turns out to exist and cannot be reached by humans with just a little knowledge. This story is a story about the adventures of a child who plunged into the world of the monster. Ren, a 9-year-old boy lost his mother and had to live with his mother’s family. Remembering his father who left him, he hated his father and made up his mind to live alone and refused to be adopted. One day, he meets Beast, a person who looks like an animal and invites him to go out with him. After Ren entered the city full of monsters, he finally grew up and lived there.

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Talking about the character, the seiyuu’s appearance is very lively and sounds very pro. When it comes to character art and characterizations, it’s really good, especially the combination of the human world and the monsters is very interesting. The following are important characters in Bakemono no Ko: First Ren (Kyuuta), the main character in this anime. He is a brave and kind child. Even though his story is dark because his mother and father left him, he remains strong and trains himself. Kumatetsu, His nature is rough, stubborn and unruly, similar to a bear (Indeed a bear monster). Even so, he is a strict teacher and trains Kyuuta to be a great fighter, even though at first the two of them don’t get along very well. Kaede, This girl meets Kyuuta as Ren. He is very kind and brave, willing to continue with Ren in facing every problem. Kaede is also one of the reasons why Ren will continue to be beside Kumatetsu. Ichirohiko, son of Kumatetsu’s arch-rival, Iozan. He has a very respect for his father and is very optimistic that his father can beat Kumatetsu. This character is Ren’s biggest enemy. Iozan He is a very skilled and strong wild boar monster. He is also the closest candidate for leadership because he is wise and always calm, in contrast to Kumatetsu who is very clumsy.

The art or graphics of this anime have almost the same quality as Wolf Children or Toki o Kakeru Shoujo, it’s natural because the three anime were produced directly by Studio Chizu with very distinctive artwork. In addition, your eyes will be spoiled with a very colorful, smooth and super sharp appearance!

For the OST itself, both Opening and Ending, everything is good. In addition, the accompaniment music during this anime is also really cool.

Storyline : 9 / 10
Character : 7.5 / 10
Art : 8 / 10
Ost : 8.5 / 10
Bakemono no Ko : 8.2 / 10

Okay fine, ignore the picture. Well, Bakemono no Ko is an anime that has an interesting story, the artwork is really cool, the characters are also good, the OST is good to hear, so what’s wrong with trying it? Not watching this anime movie, I’m really sorry.

[Review Anime] Alice to Zouroku

Now in this post I will review the anime made by JCStaff which in my opinion is different from other JCStaff works. and this is what made me interested in watching this anime, for some reason when I saw the synopsis I was immediately attracted to it and in my mind I think this anime will be interesting, and is this anime really interesting and according to what I have in mind, here I am I will discuss it with all of you. Title : Alice to Zouroku Release Date : April 2, 2017 Episode : 12 Duration : 23 Minutes per Eps Genre : Adventure, Mystery, Seinen Story Source : Manga Studio : JCStaff Synopsis

Anime Alice to Zouroku is based on the comic of the same name by Tetsuya Imai, whose comic was published in December 2012 in Monthly Comic Ryu, and has so far reached seven volumes, and won the Japan Media Arts Festival’s New Face Award in 2013. tells the story of a child named Sana, an orphan who has no memory of who he is, but Sana has a mysterious power called “Alice Dreams” or Alice’s dreams, the power to create various kinds of objects she imagines.

At first I thought this was an Action anime, because in the first episode you will be presented with a pretty exciting battle between Alice Dreams power users, but here comes a drama between Alice and Zouroku, am I wrong? Or is it not even interesting what Alice to Zouroku offers?. Apparently not, in fact this is what makes this anime so interesting with a science-fiction theme but more to magic in my opinion, combined with Alice and Zouroku’s relationship which is quite intense, it has its own charm for me personally. There is Alice who is described as in Alice in Wonderland, but here she is just a boy who doesn’t know what to do. he just doesn’t know how to eat and this is where Zouroku appears and teaches Sana various things,

If usually the male protagonist is a middle-aged or middle-aged teenager who has special abilities, but here the male protagonists are grandfathers. although Zouroku is depicted as an ordinary grandfather, but he is presented like a teenage protagonist, a generic, and firm nature, and sticks to his convictions and a straight-forward view that makes one of the most interesting things about Alice to Zouroku. and I had thought that Zouroku was a scary grandfather and was in the dark world, but in fact he is a loving person and only a flower seller despite doing business with the Yakuza.

To be honest, Art and the Alice to Zouroku characters reminded me of the anime that I often watched on private TV as a child, well around the 2000s, but with image adjustments for today it makes it nice to look at but a little nostalgic at the same time.

For the opening music entitled “Wonder Drive” by ORESAMA, it’s nice to hear with the fantasy lyrics combined with the music that reminds me of the music about the old Mahou Soujou anime making me personally nostalgic for this anime. for the ending with the title “Chant (kotringo edition)” by toi toy toi, it sounds mellow and the video clip is interesting.

Storyline : 8 / 10
Characters : 9 / 10
Art : 8 / 10
Ost : 8.5 / 10
Alice to Zouroku : 8.5 / 10

Alice to Zouroku is an anime that is quite worthy for you to watch with a male protagonist that is different from most other anime, with a fairly balanced story from a slightly serious tone to a relaxed and fun tone or vice versa from a relaxed tone to a serious tone in a smooth transition.

“The Last Woman Standing” Movie, The Existential Problems of Urban Women’s Careers

THAT was a beautiful woman, slim, and always clean. Her name is Sheng Ruxi (Shu Qi). She is a career woman. Really enjoy work. Then, forget to get married.

Two existential problems always bothered him. He thought, no one likes to glance at him. That’s the perception.

In fact, according to his mother (Pan Hong), there is a doctor named Bai (Xing Jiadong) at a hospital who has a secret crush on him.

It’s just a classic problem. Bai is much older. Therefore, Sheng is not very responsive in responding to his outstretched love.

This problem triggers an inner conflict with his mother. And for a Chinese girl, being “cursed” by her parents as a “stupid” child is really a great ordeal.

Unexpectedly, Ma Sai (Eddie Peng) enters Sheng’s daily life. Yes in the office, yes in the realm of personal life.

In the office, Ma is his assistant. Beyond that, Ma has a secret crush on her boss. However, the age difference is a barrier.

For Sheng, the “necessity” of marriage this time became a very frightening anxiety. She had no interest in loving Doctor Bai.


But also filled with doubts, as Ma secretly has a crush on him. Not to mention the need to take care of her parents who start later moved old .

Career woman problem

The Chinese film titled The Last Woman Standing (2015) is good. Precisely because it can “represent” the existential problems of women in today’s modern world. Especially those who have a career in metropolitan cities.

They like to work. Then to “forget about yourself”. His age is getting closer to the “critical age” to decide. Do you want to continue living single or break the ties of marriage.

And Sheng had this kind of life dilemma.

The beautiful city of Shanghai with The Bund at night bears witness to the existential problems that plague Sheng. Until finally, Sheng opened his hands and heart to Ma Sai, a young man who was far below his age. To be loved and to love.

Thank you for reading the film article “The Last Woman Standing”, The Existential Problem of Urban Women’s Careers

Why ‘No Time To Die’ Was A Great Cover For Daniel Craig’s Stage As James Bond

‘No Time to Die’ seemed destined to be an important finishing touch to Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond, but not the least bit was unimpressed with the outcome. For me, it’s true that I’ve seen more soft spots as the days have passed since I’ve been able to see them, but that doesn’t prevent me from continuing to think that it was a great farewell to agent 007 incarnated by the protagonist of ‘Puñales por back. ‘ .

The mention of ‘Dagger in the back’ is even more relevant due to the fact that the best sequence of ‘No time to die’ is precisely the one Craig shares with Ana de Armas. The film then gets more of a playful feel that feels like a fairy tale, but ends up being one more step in this James Bond trajectory. One in which he constantly moves between the need to remain a character loved by millions of viewers and the need to catch up with the times.

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I believe that the tension in defining what role Bond can play in today’s society is partly responsible for the great ups and downs that have been recorded in Daniel Craig’s years as James Bond. It started off leaving a really good taste in the mouth with ‘Casino Royale’, then came the misstep of ‘Quantum of Solace’ to recover in style with ‘Skyfall’ after staying a bit in no man’s land with ‘Specter’. Thankfully, ‘No time to confirm’ confirms that this good film from 007 agent is the odd one out.

If there’s one thing that defines ‘No Time to Die’ above all else, it’s that it’s designed to be Craig’s final farewell. It’s true that ‘Specter’ can already serve as a cover, but it’s also a bit unsatisfactory that way. Here’s something that was covered from the start of the film – although there was previously the first prologue to, by far, the best the film has to offer about the disappointing villain played by Rami Malek – and it’s getting more and more binding throughout its great record.

That leads to ‘There’s no time to die’ recalling moments at the end of the series’ season or even its final chapter, recovering much of what was sown earlier, though it’s never really clear whether there were plans there or just having chosen to play. with the materials that the previous delivery has provided for you. The fact that Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have been the screenwriters for all of Craig’s adventures as James Bond may be important there, but we also shouldn’t forget that they are far from showrunners and they are much more equipped than him. is the master who controls everything.

Suitable closure

The main consequence of this is that ‘No time to die’ looks much better as a stage cover than as another mystical British spy adventure. In fact, this new mission is too tied to the plans above it, causing everything to fall beneath it. Hence some questionable script decisions, especially at the end of the film, which limit what could be a mortal enemy for Bond. And at its best, Safin is a villain with nothing to stand out, but at worst, little more than a personalityless narrative tool.

In this way, ‘No time to die’ does not shine as a new James Bond film, where it depends so much on Cary Fukunaga’s solvency behind the camera that the action scenes capture the viewer. Beyond that, it’s surprising that David Dencik’s quirky scientist performs better than Malek’s character, in part because he seems almost straight out of another film due to the almost comedic approach given to the character every time, even when he has to represent. some kind of threat.

The bottom line is that ‘No time to die’ is not another chapter in the James Bond saga and judging it just like that would be a mistake.can really be happy. For this, not revolutionary materials are used, but they are very effective for understanding their motivations, both when there is some nuance of courage on their part – if you tell them not to do something professionally, make sure they will – and when their side is more humanity comes to the fore.

There’s a ‘No time to die’ movement in the fine line I mentioned earlier between the horrors dead character essence and update it. There are audiences, perhaps the case of writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte, who see it as a betrayal of agent 007 made by Ian Fleming. Another thing is that it’s not done in an ideal way, but getting to where the film goes is crucial to saying goodbye to Daniel Craig.

Certain mismatch

Maybe that’s why, ‘No time to die’ is also a bit of a big hit from what its James Bond represents, be it for script details, returns or mentions of characters who seem to be left behind and more. That causes it to also have multiple climaxes, betting on the emotional factor as the main hook to conquer viewers. If you go in, the details of how they got what they got will be of less importance, but otherwise the house of cards will collapse and the impact on viewers will be minimal.

For me, the only thing that really bothered me about this film was the poor use of the villains. It’s true that Malek wasn’t particularly inspired, but there comes a point where the script negates all sorts of logic to get to that ending. I won’t deny that it’s a flaw that partially detracts from what’s to come next, but other than that, it’s a very satisfying end to the season for the Craig era. Let’s see what surprises our franchise from now on.

‘The other bodyguard 2’: Salma Hayek released and Patrick Hughes action

One of the cinematographic sequels is an unpredictably vast world, where original material of great quality can translate into a fair continuation of its predecessor – in some cases, even beyond it – or, in others. instead, in a title that desperately seeks to emulate past success and the formula for success is finally buried under its shadow.

After the success of ‘The Other Bodyguard’ in 2017, it is only a matter of time before the adventures of Darius Kincaid and Michael Bryce continue in the second part. And it is that film by Patrick Hughes cleverly embracing the canonical friend film code in an action comedy that emerges as one of the summer’s big saviors between a salad shot shot with a laudable pulse and a laugh brought on by the most pagan sense of humor.

Considering this precedent, it’s logical to think that ‘The other bodyguard 2’ has all the ingredients to enter the league of a good sequel; but the moment of lucidity that shocked many – myself included – four years ago has been reduced to a minimum in a wildly chaotic and over-the-top feature film that commits the worst sin of this type of production: honorable boring.

About rhythm

While it seems to be just the cornerstone of a long journey, the first half says a lot about the film itself, and in the case of ‘The other bodyguard 2’ already shows that something isn’t going the way it should; climbs by getting lost between the eternal highlights of the protagonist’s internal conflicts, reminders of what happened in the original film to attract the attention of the clueless newcomer, and the presentation of bondian balance villains who reveal their plans in a lewd way as if it was a simple procedure to can address this issue as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the subject in question is a plot in an international key – much like contemporary spy and superagent cinema – narrated with a machete blow and with a somewhat random and unbalanced sense of causality. A small syndium, much more confusing than it needs to be, that can lower levels of interest and attention to dangerous lows, and through which one reluctantly passes in order to enjoy – or not – the two great claims of the production.

The first is their set piece. Even though they are a step below what is seen in ‘The other bodyguard’ in terms of freshness, Patrick Hughes has managed to show his good hands for action sequences – which he has described in ‘Los mercenarios 3’ and in his superb debut ‘Red Hill’ —, with gunfights and chases that, apart from being covered in blood, violence and various animations, are nourished by precise and effective camera work and editing.

The second attraction of the function, of course, is the comic look that, in contrast to the action, is light years away from the 2017 film.Jackson is still fantastic, the hilarious dialogue is shot at full speed and the timely play with improv we’ve grown accustomed to has been lost in scenes that have been stretched to exhaustion, with the ratio of effective jokes much lower than desired, and with the balance between satire and homage to classic “comrade” films distorted by outdated “funny” resources – using the scratched disc effect multiple times in mid-2021 is court of duty -.

get the occasional laugh out of me for two hours buried, finally, with a dull rhythm. Endless conversation sequences, flashbacks, parent-child conflicts, and forgotten exposure scenes after a few minutes stop a story that, against all odds, eventually replaces the original laugh with a yawn.